Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace.

A Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) forms a crucial component of a strategy aimed at alleviating the negative effects of urban development on protected areas. These areas are specifically crafted to provide recreational options while easing the strain on delicate habitats caused by visitor activity.

We acquire land through freehold or long-term lease ownership, thereby relieving the current landowner of any liability.

As an already established Managing Agent we have the experience and expertise to meticulously maintain the land in accordance with the agreed specifications and landscape management plans. Additionally, we foster community engagement and ensure that the community both connects with and reaps benefits from the open space.

Consultancy services we can provide:

  • Identification of potential SANG land.
  • Planning input and support
  • Consultation with local authorities, Natural England and local communities
  • Production of site designs and management plans based upon practical experience.
  • Project management of capital works

SAC – Special Area of Conservation

These areas have received increased safeguarding through The Conservation Regulations 1995. Their designation is a response to potential threats posed to the unique habitats or species within them. The aim is to offer heightened protection to diverse animals, plants, and habitats crucial for biodiversity at both national and international levels.

SSSI – Sites of Special Scientific Interest

Designates an area noteworthy for scientific significance, whether it be the presence of uncommon fauna or flora, or the inclusion of significant physiological or geological features within its boundaries.

Our effective green space management helps to enhance the following:

  • Improves the community’s attractiveness.
  • Protects and increases the saleability of property.
  • Encourages local investment.
  • Creates and safeguards employment in the area.
  • Enables volunteering, learning and development.
  • Protects homes and businesses from flood risk.
  • Delivers health and wellbeing benefits.
  •  Improves the natural environment.

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